Innovative technology. Traditional values. World-class production.

Who we are

Bensson Group is an international print production agency combining over 40 years of experience in publishing and marketing.

Our offering

Founded by Managing Director Ben McGuire, we help companies optimise their print requirements thanks to a combination of the latest technology and traditional values of quality.

At Bensson you’re getting an elite team of seasoned professionals comprising decades in the industry. We boast a proud and rich heritage throughout all areas of print production, combining time-served standards of quality and excellence with a forward-looking approach that embraces new technologies and innovative solutions.

Here at Bensson Group, tradition and technology make the perfect blend.

Our Principles

A proud blend of three key principles underpins everything we do


With a proud family history stretching back generations, here at Bensson Group we appreciate the importance of strong and lasting bonds, and the values of relationships that last the test of time. It’s for that reason that some of clients have been printing with us for over 25 years.


We don’t just work for our clients - we work with them. It is our intention to produce the best product possible and to attain that goal we use our decades of experience and expertise to offer advice and suggestions where necessary, to optimise print and ensure the highest levels of quality. 


As keen as we are to retain our ties to the traditions of the past, we are steadfast in our approach to embracing new and innovative print and publishing technologies. This means that timeless values of quality, economy and expertise remain a constant while methods and practices adapt with the pace of technological change.

At Bensson Group, we’re always moving forward. 

What we do

Our Methodology A traditional personal service woven together with the new tide of technology results in finished products that stand out from the norm.


At Bensson Group we're proud of our committed approach to all projects we undertake. With an effective blend of expertise and experience, a passion for print and a focus on delivering beautiful products, our tried and tested methods ensures that the finished result exceeds your expectations.

From conception to delivery, a finely-honed production process ensures the best possible product; within budget and on schedule. Every time.

We adhere to best practice at all times, complying with FSC, PEFC and international ISO standards. We are able to offer the following services:

  • Technical print expertise & advice
  • High volume print management
  • Postage optimisation
  • Small & large format digital print
  • Direct mail
  • Press passing & colour management
  • Advice on sustainability
  • Insert & catalogue distribution
  • Stock management

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